Episode 14: Not the O.C. it's U.C. with Sarah!

This is Sarahs story with Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the colon. This is definitely a very shitty disease! Ba dum TSSSS… But seriously, listen to her talk about what she has to go through with doctors, not being understood or heard, her serious battle with medications and the side effects. Plus, NOW how she is a chronic disease warrior and living today! Follow her on instagram @BadGutSoWhat 

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Episode 13: Type One with Sam!

Listen to Sam's story with Type 1 Diabetes! She likes running and eating carbs, and her story will open your eyes to what it is likes living day to day with Type 1, especially after living a relatively 'normal' life for years before. 

Be sure to follow her on instagram @WillRunForInsulin ​

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Episode 12: This is just LUPY with Anna!

Hear Anna's story living her life with Lupus, while getting a PHD and travelling around the world! Talk about adventurous!

Connect with her on Instagram @AnnaScanlon and Twitter @AnnaScanlon 

And be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel!

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Episode 11: Pso! Celery juice anyone? With Emma!

Hear Emma's story and how she lives with psoriasis: an autoimmune disease that affects the skin and much more tremendously.  The ups and downs with what she had to deal with and still has to deal with, and some fun from all of it! Get connected with Emma here:

Website -

Instagram(s): @redsilvermountains and @psoinspiring

Facebook: @redsilvermountainsblog

Twitter: @rednsilver

Episode 10: At the End, with Abby. 

Let's talk Endometriosis. If you're like me, you're probably unfamiliar with what Endo is, how severe is can be and how it affects a woman's life. Listen to Abby's story and her journey, with Endo. How she dealt with years of suffering, frustrating doctors and endless unanswered questions. Hear her uplifting attitude, how she lives with her diagnosis now, and the community she praises. Check her out on instagram @abbykateosteen 

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