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Episode 19: Unspoken Words from the Heart with Tracy!

Listen to Tracy’s story and how her life had to do a 180, more than once. What her life was like before chronic illness and how she lives her life now! Connect with her on Instagram @Unspoken.Words.of.the.Heart She lives with POTS, Fybro, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and EDS. 

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Episode 18: The Worlds Most Painful Disease with Tom!

Labelled as the worlds most painful disease, listen to Tom’s story living with Trigeminal Cephalalgia Neuralgia AKA Cluster Headaches, or the suicide disease. From exhausting all prescriptions for this disease, two unsuccessful brain surgeries, PTSD, near death many times from surgeries and knocking on suicides door, there is  magic in the world, & Tom is with us today because of it.

Connect with Tom on YouTube: @ClusterHeadSurvivor

Twitter: @ClusterHeadTom Instagram: @cluster_head_survivor

His blog: clusterheadsurvivor.blogspot.com

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Episode 17: Life as a caregiver with Rick!

We talk about the ups and downs of living with chronic disease, but what about the people around us? This episode is the caregivers side.  

Stay in touch with Shana and Rick: Instagram: @RickandShana 

Facebook CBD: @AntiInflammatoryHerbs: CBD Oil for You & your Pets

Facebook GanoCafe: @TheOnlySmartCoffee: GanoCafe & More

to Listen to Shana's Podcast here 

Their Websites: https://ShopPureCBD.net  https://GanoCafe.org

Episode 16: Understanding Ulcerative Colitis with Holly!

She is ambitious, beyond ambitious and her disease won't hold her back! 

From a trip to Spain, to marathon running, figuring out her diet and so much more here is Holly's story with Ulcerative Colitis, which sounds oddly familiar with your host Becky! Enjoy!

Follow her on instagram @HollsFowler

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Episode 15: Pso/POTS/PCOS/CVG/EDS with Anastasia!

Understand the frustrations that come with having numerous diseases and medical problems  as well as the frustrations dealing with people that don't understand how hard it can be.  Anastasia's story helps us understand what she is going through, what she deals with on a daily basis and how lives her life now! Connect with her on Instagram: @TheDisabledSpook, Facebook: Anastasia Tapsfield and Twitter: @AnastasiaTapsf1

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