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What does mindset mean and how does it

affect us living with disease? 

There are so many people that are living with disease, that have this "why me" attitude and lifestyle. But what happens when we change that attitude from "why is this happening to me" to 

"Why is this happening for me?"

When we shift our mindset we have the capacity to not only handle life's stressors better, we actually can tolerate more pain and increase our innate healing as well. So why don't more people use this phenomenon - if you will - to their advantage? I truly believe it's because people don't know the power of their brain, and how it affects every aspect of their bodies. Our body is completely connected, meaning you could have a pain in your toe, that affects a twitch in your eye, weird! 


Understanding this connecting can help you with your healing process and pain. 

When we have a negative mindset, our bodies (because it's all connected) will feel negative, it will hurt, it will be sluggish, tired, cold - you name it. ​When you have a positive mindset your body will feel a lot happier and healthier. That being said (especially living with a chronic disease myself), I always say good and bad days. It's ok to have a bad day, but it's important to have good days too. If you feel like you have just had bad days after bad days, try to change your mindset. It is just as easy as looking in the mirror and saying something along the lines of: 

"Even though I feel like crap, I'm not going to let it ruin my day" 

(Feel free to add in some EFT to help with that!)

Try it out, and see how your days change! 

Check out four ways that mindset can help you live better with disease. 

"So change your mindset. Change how you see pain.

I want you to welcome it!" 

Eric Thomas

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