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Helping Your Family Understand: Chronic Disease Education Tips

Your family wants to be there for you when you learn that you have a chronic disease, but it can be hard for them to understand what you're dealing with, especially if you're the only person in your family dealing with a chronic health condition. Use these tips to help your family understand what you're going through.


  • If your condition is new, accept that it may take some time for your family to understand that you have a chronic disease. People who love you may struggle to believe that you have a condition that could negatively affect your health long term. Providing them with chronic disease resources can help them begin to wrap their heads around your condition.

  • When people ask how they can help, be honest. If you could use help grocery shopping, cleaning, running errands, etc., call on the people who have offered their help.

  • If you have a partner, bring them with you to doctor's appointments so they can ask questions and learn more about your condition.

When you live with a chronic disease, it's vital that you're able to share your struggles with the people closest to you so that they can provide you with the support you need to thrive. Getting your own chronic disease education is key, so that you're able to answer the questions that your family members have. At Cure Chronic, we're committed to providing the chronic disease resources that you need to provide yourself and the people who love you with the chronic disease education that you need. Be sure to check in with us often, as we're constantly updating our chronic disease education section, and reach out to us to let us know what kind of chronic disease education would benefit you and your family.

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